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Welcome to your journey of wellness

Like many people, I too can see more things to improve upon within myself. I have learned to believe that I can fail as many times as possible, while remembering to always get up. Through the therapeutic process, we can learn how to get out of our own way; to thrive and become a more positive version of ourselves.  As you take your therapy journey with, this is your safe space where you can express yourself without shame, feel validated, heal and explore while also being held accountable for taking the action you want. 

Sharie Hoo

Marriage & Family Therapist Intern, CAd, IMT3567


I am a Marriage and Family Therapist, and Certified addiction Counselor, dedicated to improving the well-being of clients and driven to help others overcome personal obstacles with empathy and compassion through a solution focused lens. As a veteran, of the United States Army, I understand the meaning of teamwork or working in diverse and stressful environments and taking care of others. I believe in building trusted relationships that yield client-centered positive outcomes through transparency and empathy.

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