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Empowering Through


For those that want to know how to overcome adversity and learn how to live victoriously, we offer Faith Based and Theoretical Counseling, Mentoring, Life Groups, and Spiritual/ inner healing. 


Receive one on one mentoring that will specialize in a specific area of your life where you desire to grow spiritually so you can empower others through your gift. 

Mental Health

Mental health therapy that uses theory and model based information to provide assistance with solutions for daily life issues.


Receive guidance through  prayer and positive interventions using biblical principles from the word of God. 


Spiritual counseling is recommended when advice or guidance is needed based on spiritual principles within the Christian faith. In counseling, one of our goals is to help the individual explore their own responses, emotions and behaviors to determine the spiritual applications necessary to resolve the issue.

People usually seek counseling to overcome one or more problems. For those that want to grow spiritually or change behaviors, it is suggested that they seek the Mentoring program. Often times counseling sessions will identify the need for a mentor instead of a spiritual counselor. In those situations the Petitioner (client) is referred to Mentoring.

Our Christ-centered initiatives teach individuals to think and act conscientiously in every situation. One requirement of the mentoring program is a faithful committed heart. The mentored are expected to make the mentor/mentee relationship a priority; respecting the time of the mentor. The needs of a mentee will vary by person. The relationship could last anywhere from a couple of months to a year. We also offer a counseling program for individuals that just need spiritual advice or direction.

And for those who are seeking mental health, we have licensed therapist and psychologist on staff to meet your health needs. 

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