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About Us


Empowerment Centers The Center of Everything GOoD!

We are a non-profit faith based organization focusing on supporting and empowering individuals in the community of every walk of life. We believe a better community starts with changing the life of one individual and one family at a time. And change starts with EMPOWERMENT! 

We serve to unify, reach, and impact the lost and broken to discover a purpose greater than themselves by empowering them to break through the barriers and limitations that have impeded their progress to living a full life.   We also serve to equip new leaders through training, and developing outreach ministries that evangelize, educate, serve their community, and provide assistance with love and compassion.

Each of our empowerment centers will include but not limited to; activities and programs such as mental health services, counseling, mentoring, a recovery STEP Program, and spiritual equipping through Biblical principles and the Power of Prayer. 

For those that want to know how to overcome adversity and learn how to live victoriously, we offer Counseling, Mentoring, Life Groups, and inner healing.

For those that want knowledge and training, we offer educational tutoring, computer training, life skills, and much more.

For those that want to find their purpose and live a more fulfilled life in Christ, we have a School of Ministry and certificate courses specific for your destiny.

For those that are in spiritual bondage, we minister Healing and Deliverance.

Meet The Empowerment Team

Danielle 2018.png

Dr. Danielle Wright

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Director & Visionary 

Empowerment Specialist &

S.T.E.P.S. Program Director

Roslyn - Chief Financial Officer.jpg

Roslyn Vasquez

Empowerment Office Manager & Administrator

Bakersfield, Ca


Darnell Armstead

National Lead Empowerment Director

April A.jpg

Dr. April Adkins

Director of Mental Health Services & Psychologist


Sharie Hoo


Tasha Armstead

Clinical Trainer

carolyn 2.jpg

Dr. Carolyn Rascoe

Educational Program Director


Chris Hoo

Director of Project Management & Strategist

natalie 1.jpg

Natalie Cavazos

Deaf & language Communication Specialist

Our Mission


Logistics Director &

Marriage and Family Therapist R.Int

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