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Empowerment through


Life Skills Training

Receive your certification in CPR, First Aid  & BLS.

Classes are taught by a certified instructor and certificates are given the same day.  


The course provides information technology literacy and basic skills training for learners with limited experience.The course focuses on Microsoft office applications and touch typing. 

Computer Skills
Building & Typing

Learn from one of our empowerment specialist how to write a successful resume that produces results. Along with writing tips to improve your skills.  And for those who desire to improve or learn to type, we offer typing courses. 


Join us for our weekly "Building Me" class where we focus on building self -esteem and learning how to Love the best of YOU!

Biblical & Spiritual  Training

Many Christians fail to grow and thrive in their faith because they never received the basics foundations to stand on. 

This course will equip followers of Christ to walk in the Spirit and fulfill the Kingdom mandate as a Christian Citizen. 

Of Faith

Training for those who have a desire to lead or are already in leadership. Learn kingdom principles that will catapult you into greater realms of understanding and revelation. 

Leadership Academy

 Our (Y.L.A.) Youth Leadership Academy, will train and equip young boys and girls how to grow, mature, and live a balanced and Godly life while being a beacon of light in their communities.  

Leadership Academy

Learn Economic Advantages (through) Prayer & Biblical Principles that will build wealth and create a Biblical foundation for success. 


Learn in depth biblical principles of prayer, intercession and spiritual warfare as you learn how to pray with your personal Prayer Coach. Learn how to write scriptural declarations, pray in the Spirit and much more.  


The heartbeat of God is for all to have his love. This course will teach you how to  

love like Jesus by falling in love with his presence, grace, and power.  And learn to  

Live in love outside of your understanding

Principles of Love
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