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Cultivating Leaders with Extraordinary Gifts That Will Light the World! 

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Extraordinary Leaders Igniting The Earth

Let your clothes always be white [with purity], and do not let the the oil [of gladness]
be lacking on your head (Ecclesiastes 9:8)

Becoming an ordained minister with the commissioning under the five-fold apostolic
anointing is going to challenge and change your life. It will push you into new
dimensions. It will strengthen and reinforce your stance and stamina. It will encourage
your heart and ideas. And it will begin to remove blinders off your eyes, and help you see
things from a different perspective.
Answering the call to advance the kingdom of God means you are not only enlisting in
God’s Kingdom army, but you are being inducted into the Special Forces or the
E.L.I.T.E. sector of that army.
This means that as a Kingdom Minister and Apostolic Warrior you will:
1. Live a life committed to God, His Work, and His Kingdom.
2. Embrace of disciplines of a consecrated vessel.
3. Long intense training sometimes at the sacrifice of comfort and
4. Giving up ALL RIGHTS and Ownership to your life.
5. You will reflect the character and purposes of God in Christ.


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