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Change Your Atmosphere

What’s in the atmosphere of your home? Is the temperament and actions of your home, work, church, or family one of sadness, bad attitudes, anger, depression, confusion, cold or just no life at all? Does your home just not feel like a happy place that you want to return to everyday?  Well it is time to change the atmosphere!


If you are feeling overwhelmed by the atmosphere of your home—bad attitudes, anger, confusion, or just a tangible, weighty oppression and don’t know how to fix it, this is your answer!


The truth is, sometimes our homes (and hearts) are being influenced without our awareness. Whether we completely understand it or not, darkness is at work.

Change Your Atmosphere

Sessions include:

  1. Prayer and Blessing of your home (or place of choosing).

  2. One on One private or family session to find the source of the issues.

  3. Change Your Atmosphere “Daily Declaration” book.

  4. Blessed Oil for you, your family, and home.


Most sessions are 1 hour. However, depending of the depth of disturbance in your atmosphere and what is needed, it is possible that several or longer sessions may be needed.

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