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       Get Ready to Be EMPOWERED!

Elite Kingdom Academy is built to train, equip, and empower you with the tools needed to walk and live a supernatural lifestyle as a Kingdom Believer.  When God formed you and birthed you into this world, He did so with the purpose of you fulfilling and walking in the fullness of His Authority and Power.  Kingdom Academy is for those who believe that there is more to their life than what they are doing now. And for those who feel the symphonic beats of the Fathers heart to become more synchronized with His will for their life. 

Whether you are looking to enhance your biblical knowledge about the King and His kingdom. Or to learn how to walk in the calling of God on your life. Kingdom Academy will be a training resource to help you discover your divine purpose and to live a successful and meaningful life you were created to live.

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Would you like a one on on with Dr. Danielle?

Every month Dr. Danielle chooses 3 people to sit down with for a one on one mentoring session. This time is used to empower, encourage, and pray for you. 

If you are interested in finding out if ELITE Kingdom Academy is a right fit for you. Or if you would just like to have 30 minutes to speak with Dr. Danielle, just  click on the link below, fill out the contact form, request a one on one, and your name will be added into the monthly drawing for a one on one with Dr. Danielle.  

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