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Empowering YOU...

To Empower Others.

Our Mission








Our Vision

The Empowerment centers are places where people can encounter everything GOoD, experience the Glory of God get trained, equipped, and even receive spiritual and theoretical counseling. In addition, the empowerment centers will also be a "Drop-In Center" where those in need can drop in and pick up essential needs in emergency situations.

Each of our empowerment centers will include but are not limited to activities and programs such as; mental health services, counseling, mentoring, a recovery STEP Program, and spiritual equipping through Biblical principles integrated with the Power of Prayer.

 Our (Y.L.A.) Youth Leadership Academy will train and equip young boys and girls on how to mature and live a balanced and Godly life while being a beacon of light in their communities.  The program will involve an engine of opportunities such as tutoring, computer training, life skills, and career readiness classes.

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